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Calculating Odds in Texas Hold’em Poker

Let’s face it, very few people enjoy math but if you want to make more money playing No Limit Texas Hold’em you need to use some. We have come up with a simple way for even math intolerant people to benefit below.

To calculate pot odds in the heat of the battle can be a little intimidating for the Texas Hold’em beginner. There are basically 3 simple equations that need to be learned, and you will be on your way to increasing your winning percentage in Texas Hold’em.

Percentages are easier than working with fractions. Using division on the fly is not easy for most of us. Continue reading →

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Could Learning the Kelly Criterion Improve Your Poker Game?

According to the 2.6 percent of the adult population who consider poker to be something more than a hobby is constantly looking for ways to improve and get to a higher level. In the cutthroat world of poker in which more and more people are competing every year, this is imperative. The playing figures at the World Series of Poker say it all. In 1970, there were only seven entrants to the Main Event where it was decided that Johnny Moss was the best in the world, but in 2017, when Scott Blumstein emerged victorious, there were 7,221 players. This massive increase not only shows the growing popularity of the game but also highlights the fact that getting to the latter stages of major tournaments like this is getting ever more difficult. Continue reading →

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Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Playing in MTTs (Multi Table Tournaments) provides an excellent buy-in/likely return ratio. Although the odds of beating out several hundred, or even several thousand opponents drag the equation down, MTT play is still a pretty good EV+ one for an experienced poker player.

General MTT strategy is pretty simple. Since tournament chips are your life-blood in the game, you have to do whatever it takes to protect them. In this respect, in the early stages of a MTT, you need to play tight, and act only on good starting hands, from late position. Continue reading →

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Using Position to Steal Pots

The power of position is crucial in all forms of poker and all winning players take advantage of it. When you’re playing Pot-Limit Omaha, position is a very important consideration; perhaps even more so than in No-Limit Hold’em, and this is true regardless of whether you’re playing at a full-ring table or when it’s short-handed.

In and at the table you will be open raising a lot when you want to play your hand, as you will be first to open the action, but there will be many situations when you just want to call pre-flop in position to see how your hand connects with the flop. Continue reading →

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Playing More Poker Hands Is A Winning Strategy

To become a winning poker player, you’re expected to know the rules and terminology. If you don’t know the different texas holdem hands to determine what makes the winning poker hand, then you would be advised to check out the video below.

Most advice aimed at beginning poker players will tell you to play a tight poker strategy. In other words, sticking to playing pairs and AJ+. But in order to take your game to the next level in No Limit Texas Hold’em, you need to play poker, so to speak. This is especially true in online games where the aggression is dialed up. Players are playing much wider ranges in NL cash games and tournaments, especially in late position at the table, since position is the most important consideration. Continue reading →

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Inside the Mind of a Poker Player

Learning how to read your opponent and keep your hand a secret are two of the most important things for an aspiring poker player to master. Keeping your face as expressionless as possible, exuding an air of confidence that you’ve got the best hand even if you have nothing but a high card, and handling the pressure as someone calls your bluff – all vital skills that help to show you’re not just some amateur.

But what about when everyone has the same poker face? Or, more commonly, what if you aren’t playing face to face but you’re having showdowns in online casinos where you can’t see the person and they can’t see you? Continue reading →

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Texas Hold’em – Playing The River

One of the most exciting parts of Texas Hold’em is just after the river card is dealt. Especially when there are only two players left in the game. When you get down to the river and it’s just you and one other player, chances are the other player isn’t bluffing. You’d better take a good look at the and determine what is the highest possible hand you can both have. There are three possibilities at this point:

  1. You fold,
  2. You stay in and win (if you have the winning hand at ),
  3. You stay in and lose

Limiting your losses is just as important as maximizing profits in Texas Hold’em, so you want to avoid calling river bets with second best hands. The more experience you get on the felt, the better you will get at determining where you’re at post-flop. Continue reading →

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How Should You React to an Unknown Player?

unknown-opponentsA new face walks into the poker room, bellies up to the poker table and before long, you have to make a crucial decision as to the way the new face plays. Outside of poker theory, how are you supposed to adjust to the play of someone you do not even know?

You will often have very little time to assess someone’s tendencies accurately from the way he has played. You will have to use other available information to make the best decision possible.

The abundance of personality theories can overwhelm you. All sorts of detailed explanations as to the `why’ a person behaves the way they do. There are myriad `people types’ that supposedly make it easier to understand an individual.

From the Zodiac, to the Chinese Year types, from Enneagrams to more widely accepted psychiatric groupings, many purport to be able to predict certain behaviors and even future events in a person’s life as well as explaining why a person does the things that he does. Continue reading →

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Poker Strategy: Let’s talk about Aggression!

Many people talk about poker aggression, but don’t fully explain what it means. First you have the “misguided” aggression, which basically means playing like a . An example of this can be seen with poker players, both online/live, that with from early position. It’s most likely that this hand is beat and in the long run you will get knocked out of tournaments quickly or make you go broke in ring games. Second, you have what I call television aggression. This aggression can be seen regularly on your favorite poker TV shows by aggressive pros like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey. Viewers watch these moves and think that this is the way these players have played the entire tournament. This is not true. Continue reading →

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Heads Up Poker Strategy

Being aggressive is the number one key to winning any match hands down! Now, at times you will find some players who have the same heads up strategy as you and when those times do present themselves you have to adjust to their style, otherwise just be aggressive. So, how do you handle playing against another super aggressive player?

Well, first off you should make damn sure that the person you think is actually a good aggressive player “is actually a good aggressive player” and not just some fishy player who has decided to start being aggressive and donk off all of their chips. One of the best ways to find this out is that a “” will be calling you with almost anything and re-raising with just about anything. But if you happen to find out that your opponent truly is a good aggressive player, then you will absolutely need to choose your starting hands very wisely, as they will put you in lots of tough situations with medium strength hands. Continue reading →

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