Poker Dictionary and Glossary of Terms

Welcome to Confused by some of the poker terminology and lingo? This site is here to help you better understand the talk from opponents. Before you can master the game, you need to get familiar with all the poker terms and poker slang used by Texas Holdem players, both online and live.

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This page is a dictionary and glossary of 280+ poker terms and acronyms and counting. If you want to know what was meant by a “three-bet”, “continuation bet”, “donkey”, “squeeze play” or any other expressions used by the global poker playing community, you should browse through the poker dictionary on this page, as well as the rest of the site. Definitions include cross-links, real world examples, and related terms to help you dig deeper into the language of poker.

Hopefully this website will answer most of the questions you have when it comes to the terminology used in the world of poker. If you’re are looking to play poker for real money, you’ll also find there are plenty of good poker tips and strategy for playing online and at brick-and-mortar card rooms. These articles can be found in our Blog section.

Glossary of Poker Terms: Alphabetical Listing

This list is just a few of the common poker terms that are used. There are many more that exist and after you start playing more and more, and you’ll realize just how many unique poker words that you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask other poker players what any term means. It can be a great way to learn even more about this great card game.

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